Do it for the Doughnuts

I love carbs! There I said it. Even though there is a growing body of evidence that we should be cutting out added sugar blah blah blah, but who doesn’t love an amazing doughnut or any other amazing buttery pastry? Sugary, sweet, fluffy, mmmm.

The only thing that tastes better… the doughnut I have earned after a hard weeks training.

There are many out there that will espouse a balanced diet and look to exclude these sugary treats, but lets face it, our willpower sucks! Behaviourally, the sheer act of deciding to stop eating something immediately makes you start craving it. How are those New Year’s resolutions going by the way?

My work-around, make the doughnuts the motivation. Work hard, play hard. Take a day to enjoy the sweet rewards of chocolate, pastry and maybe even pizza! Faturday, I mean, Saturday is my chosen day of extravagance. A long bike ride (with cake) followed by more coffee and chocolate and its Saturday, what a win! 

Best of all, I have found this the best way to manage my weight. If you are anything like me, you are probably always hungry. Rather than following restrictive diets, keeping a clean eating plan throughout the week and then pigging out on a Faturday keeps mind and body happy. When the cravings get really bad, think after a massive HIIT session, I even go out and buy the offensive item and keep it in the fridge/cupboard till Faturday arrives. 

SO happy Faturday to you! Hope the chocolate is extra creamy and the doughnuts extra delicious. You’ve earned them!


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