Stuff I Love

No affiliate links, no sponsorship. This is stuff I have bought with my own money. Check back regularly as I am always updating this with new discoveries.


Supplements – with a good diet, there should be little need for too many supplements. however there are a few that i would recommend.

Vitamin D – while this is naturally produced from exposure to the sun, for the vast majority of us, we don’t get enough exposure regularly enough, resulting in a deficiency.

Check how much sunlight you need for the RDA of vitamin D – Sunlight Calculator



Indoor training can suck, unless you have the right tools.

Wahoo Kickr is worth every penny. this device is the reason i will quiet happily chose an IDT session over some inclement weather outdoors. It just works; straight out the box. solid, smooth power delivery. No wear and tear on your rear tyre and more power than you know what to do with. having been using this for over 2 years, it shows you that massive time spent on the bike is inefficient. Solid targeted power training will get you further.

TrainerRoad is my platform of choice to deliver ideal training plans for my goals. pairing this with the Wahoo Kicker delivers focused sessions where you can hit and maintain your power targets without thinking too hard. I love the ‘shut up and work’ mentality of this. There are loads of plans to fit your needs and goals. following these leads to improvement. I know, I saw my FTP increase more than 30% through this focused training.

Total Immersion – read this to become a better swimmer. It lays out the technique to deliver greater efficiency in your swim

Garmin Fenix 3 – I got mine off eBay for less than half RR. I wanted a watch that I could use to track my runs and swimming. This does that and so much more. It acts as a smart watch, connected to my phone for all the notifications that you could possibly want delivered straight to your wrist. Personally I use this to alert me to notifications rather than trying to read them on the watch. It has a built in altimeter, so no GPS best guess on the bike. Using the metronome function for running has been great to get a better rhythm and faster cadence. Battery life is great and the link into Garmin Connect actually got me using that site again! . There are newer models on the market, with integrated HR monitors… if you are inclined.


Foam rollers make up all my stretching routines. and while the brand is more or less irrelevant, go for a high density one with some solid knobs. this is my roller of choice – More Mile the Beast

Mindfulness comes up time and again as a great practice for everyday life. I have found that HeadSpace provides a really great product. its easy to use, takes 10 minuets and really does set you up to be a more effective human.